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Why do I need chimney lining?

Chimney lining is a very important part of a heating appliance installation, weather that be a wood burning multi fuel stove or a gas fire, as the efficiency of these appliances is vastly improved by providing a fixed diameter, sealed flue pipe to the outside world.  

More importantly, the ‘gas sealed’ nature of a stainless steel chimney liner means you and you family are safe from potentially lethal toxic gases released in the combustion process.  

Traditional masonry built chimneys often suffer from leaks and porous mortar joints, allowing gasses to seep out either into upstairs rooms in your house or into your neighbours chimney if you live in a semi-detached of terraced house. More modern terracotta lined chimneys often suffer from cracked liner sections due to time lapse expansion differentials. 

So the safest way to safeguard you and your family is to install a stainless steel flexible liner. We use the best liners on the market, which are covered by a manufacturer’s 15 years guarantee, so if we go out of business before then you’re still covered.
Professionally installed chimney lining and wood burning multi-fuel stove flues by HETAS APPROVED and GAS SAFE REGISTERED engineers.

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Fully-qualified chimney lining installers.

We would recommend that you employ us to install your chimney liner as we follow all current safety and installation regulations. Remember, your installation has to be signed off by a HETAS qualified engineer.

Remember - Lining your chimney is not only recommended from a safety view point but is also essential to the efficiency of your heating appliances
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